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Morning Wood ~ May 4, 2012

A few months ago during the NFL season I debuted a blog segment called Morning Wood. It was an NFL Preview I did every Sunday Morning. I wanted to expand Morning Wood into something bigger. No pun intended. I decided that going forward with Morning Wood it would be a weekly blog I do that just covers all sports and not just NFL. I will probally do this on Fridays before the weekends sports arrive.

This weekend is a very good weekend if your an MMA fan. Tonight Bellator Fighting Championships airs on MTV2 with Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler taking on Japanese Legend Akihiro Gono. UFC on Fox 3 is Saturday night with Jim Miller vs Nate Diaz. Boxing will feature a huge fight Saturday as Floyd “Money” Mayweather takes on Miguel Cotto. So lets take a look at the cards for the events.

Bellator Fighting Championships 67

Ryan Ford (17-4) vs Luis Santos (50-7)

Ben Saunders (13-4) vs Bryan Baker (17-3)

Michael Chandler (9-0) vs Akihiro Gono (32-17)

I’m looking forward to the Ben Saunders vs Bryan Baker fight. I dont have much interest in the others since I dont see Ryan Ford or Michael Chandler having any trouble in those fights. The Saunders vs Baker fight will decide the Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final Winner. I like Killa B in this one.

UFC on Fox 3 Miller vs Diaz

Pat Barry (7-4) vs Lavar Johnson (16-5)

Rousimar Palhares (14-3) vs Allan Belcher (17-6)

Josh Koscheck (17-5) vs Johnny Hendricks (12-1)

Jim Miller (21-3) vs Nate Diaz (15-7)

Pretty solid card the UFC put together for saturday night. Pat Barry vs lavar Johnson wont go the distance. Somebody gets knocked out. Palhares looked huge at the weigh ins and I just think he will over power Belcher and win a decision in that one. I really like Johnny Hendricks and a win gets him a title shot. However Koscheck has been there before and I dont see him getting KO’d in 12 seconds like Jon Fitch. Neither are a threat to GSP or Carlos Condit though. I was really impressed with Jim Miller when he upset Melvin Guillard. I just think if the fight stays standing Diaz has a huge advantage with his boxing and if it goes to the ground he will submit Miller. Fight will end in round 2 via submission.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr (42-0) vs Miguel Cotto (37-2)

Huge fight here for boxing. Cotto is always an aggressive fighter and Mayweather is a counter puncher. Cotto likes to get his opponent backed against the ropes while Mayweather takes very little damage on the ropes. Should be an interesting fight. I see this ending in the 7th or 8th round with Mayweather knocking out Cotto. Cotto is good but no where even in the remote vicinity of Mayweather’s league.

Ozzie Guillen Gets 5 Game Suspension

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Penguins vs Flyers

What better way to open up the playoffs than with a bitter rivalry with The Battle of Pennsylvania. The Penguins open up as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup now that Crosby is healthy along with the best player in the league this season Evgeni Malkin.

The Flyers got the best of the season series winning 4 of the 6 games. April 1, 2012 featured a brawl between the two teams followed by a Penguins win in the season finale on April 8.

12/8 Flyers 3-2

12/29 Flyers 4-2

2/18 Penguins 6-4

3/18 Flyers 3-2 (OT)

4/1 Flyers 6-4

4/7 Penguins 4-2

The Flyers have been very good against the Penguins in Pittsburgh but this is the Playoffs and all bets are off. All that matters to these teams is the hatred they have for each other. One can’t ignore the history of Philly Chokes when it comes to winning in the playoffs. The Flyers have not won a Stanley Cup since 1975 when they won back to back Cups in 73-74 & 74-75. The Penguins meanwhile have won 3 Cups in 90-91, 91-92, and 08-09.


P: Evgeni Malkin (109)

G: Evgeni Malkin (50)

A: Evgeni Malkin (59)

W: Marc-Andre Fluery (42)

SV%: Marc-Andre Fluery (91.3%)


P: Claude Giroux (93)

G: Scott Hartnell (37)

A: Claude Giroux (65)

W: Ilya Bryzgalov (33)

SV%: Ilya Bryzgalov (90.9%)

Playoff Schedule

Game 1 – April 11 7:30 PM

Game 2 – April 13 7:30 PM

Game 3 – April 15 3:00 PM

Game 4 – April 18 7:30 PM

Game 5 – April 20 7:30 PM

Game 6 & 7 – TBD

BallerSoup Prediction

I may be a little biased here being that I am a Penguins fan. I see the Pens winning this series in 5 games. Penguins are experienced while the Flyers are very young. Expect to see some brawling in this one too.

Ozzie Guillen To Apologize

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is scheduled to speak during a press conference in Miami during the Marlins off day where he will apologize for comments he made regarding Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

Guillen told Time Magazine he respects Castro for staying in power so long.

“I want to get the thing over with. I told the Marlins I want to fly [back] as soon as I can, and tomorrow’s a day off,” Guillen said. “I don’t want to in Philadelphia. I want to be in Miami and clear everything up.”

Now if you read what he said it does not say he supports the way Castro treated Cubans. This is where people are making a big deal out of Ozzie just being Ozzie.

Alexei Ramirez who played for Guillen is Chicago for 4 seasons and is a native of Cuba commented on Guillen apologizing.

“I think apologizing is a good first step,” Ramirez said through a team translator. “I feel everyone has their opinion, but I also feel people should be forgiven. Hopefully it will be accepted.”

I don’t think for a minute that Ozzie meant to offend the people living in this country that are from Cuba. He said he felt sick and hasnt slept for 3 days since reading his comments. So stop making him out to be a horrible human being.

“Like I said, I feel sad and a couple days, I feel sick to my stomach, not because of what I did. Just because I know I hurt a lot of people.”

“The saddest part of this was to apologize to [the Marlins’ Spanish-language broadcasters] Felo Ramirez and Yiki [Quintana]. That was hard. And I did it, face to face. I just talked to [pitcher Jose] Contreras a couple of minutes ago. And Jose was laughing, kinda like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ But every Cuban-born and Cuban-born family that I know — they know who I am.”

The bottom line is that in the United States of America there is something called Free Speech. It doesn’t matter that there are Cuban-Americans who may be offended by these comments. Ozzie has the right to speak freely. If we decide to limit what a person then what do we do when millions of people speak against our president Barack Obama? That’s something that happens everyday and its swept under the rug like it does not matter. How is this any different. Because there’s Cubans in Miami? Give me a freaking break. A few offended people does not change what the constitution says.

113 Point Game

My Thoughts

I will give Mohammad Akkari some credit. He does hit an insane ammount of three pointers. My problem with this is when he gets close to 100 points the other team quits playing defense. That is a team you want in a Championship game? What a joke. There are several shots when there are no defenders in the picture. Long story short Kevin Durant could have scored 200+ points against that defense.

Plan To Break 100

I’ve been golfing for about 5 years now. I only go maybe a half a dozen times a year though. It’s a sports that I have always found very challenging but at the same time alot of fun. In the years I have played I have always put up very high scores. I’m talking in the 120-140 range. To say the least I suck at golf. I have broke 100 one  time when I shot a 99. Breaking 100 is something I would like to do on a consistent basis.

I recently started searching the internet as well as get a 1 year subscription to Golf Digest for tips to get better. A few years ago while on a cruise to the Bahamas I took golf lessons on the ship and really learned alot from the session. Really helped me keep my eye on the ball and getting a proper swing. On the internet I came across a website with a very good article on Breaking 100 at

Number Of Shots To Reach Green

105 Golfer: 58

95 Golfer: 54

Putts Per Round

105 Golfer: 47

95 Golfer: 41

Average Distance With Driver

105 Golfer: 180 Yards

95 Golfer: 210 yards

Club From 150 yards

105 Golfer: 5 Iron

95 Golfer: 6 Iron

Fairways Hit Per Round

105 Golfer: 3

95 Golfer: 4

Greens Hit Per Round

105 Golfer: 1

95 Golfer: 2

Lost Balls Per Round

105 Golfer: 4

95 Golfer: 3

1st Putt Par/Birdie Attempts

105 Golfer: 3

95 Golfer: 7

Shots From 50 Yards Or Less

105 Golfer: 61

95 Golfer: 55


105 Golfer: 2

95 Golfer: 3


105 Golfer: 4

95 Golfer: 9

Double Bogey

105 Golfer: 8

95 Golfer: 4

Triple Bogey

105 Golfer: 3

95 Golfer: 2

Quad Bogey

105 Golfer: 1

95 Golfer: 0


Hit 5 Balls Per Club

Try Even Numbered Clubs One Day and Odd Another Day

Play Practice: Play A Course In Your Head at Driving Range

Tips & Tricks

Play The White Tees til you improve

Stamkos Scores 60th

Geno Scores 50th

Pirates Fan Napping

John Tortorella Rips Pens