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King Mo Lawal Interview

The guys at Sherdog had a great write up on “King Mo” I wanted to share with everyone. Here are a few qoutes from King Mo about him selling fights.

“MMA fans don’t get it,” Lawal says. “They talk bad about me or Chael [Sonnen], but if everyone’s the same, how do you draw interest into the sport? If I say, ‘You’re a great guy, a great fighter, a great dresser,’ nobody is going to care to watch the fight, but if you talk trash, people think you are going to go at it hard with this guy. They don’t get the difference between hype and sport.”

“I get boos and this and that,” the 30-year-old Murfreesboro, Tenn., native admits. “They say I’m cocky. What do you expect me to be? I train my ass off. I don’t disrespect anybody. I don’t fight for them. I fight for myself, my family and for the money. MMA’s a job. I don’t give a damn what fans think. Most MMA fans can’t relate to me on any level; they just like MMA, and I kind of like MMA. I’m more of a boxing fan, but whatever. They can’t relate to me. If they could relate to me, they wouldn’t boo.”