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Was recently browsing the forums at Operation Sports and found an interesting article worth trying out when you get your copy of NCAA Football 13. You start out as a Offensive Coordinator with a 1 Star Team and work your way up to your Alma Mater.


Time Savers: Off
Skill: All-American Will increase to Hiesman at end of season 1
Recruiting Difficulty: All-American
Injuries: On
Fatigue: On
Quarter Length: 6 Min.
Play Clock: On
Coaching Tips: Off
Game Speed: Normal
Player Minimum Speed Threshold: 0
Home Field Advantage Effects: On
Ice the Kicker: On

Default Sliders will be used for All-American but once we go to Hiesman we will be using a slider set.


No chesse or Glitching you play your style of offense and defense but do it without cheating. When playing the CPU do not run up the score as i will have a cap on the max you can score which will be 70.

Vs. Users:
No 4th attempts until 4th quarter and you are losing. Onside kicks are only allowed at start of game and begining of 3rd Quarter or by losing team in 4th.

There should be no person that has a QB that has a rush yards per game avg. of more than 100

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