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4 Team Playoff Approved

A four team college football playoff has been approved by a presidential oversight committee. The playoff will begin starting in the 2014 season.

The semi-final games will alternate between 6 bowl game sites. The games will be played on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day with the Championship Game being held on the first Monday in January that is 6 or more days after the semi-final games.

Three bowls will have contracts with the new playoff system while other bowls will have to enter into bidding for the right to host a bowl. The Champions Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Orange Bowl will have contracts. This means the Sugar and Fiesta will have to bid to host a bowl.

A selection committee will be formed to rank the teams for the right to play in the playoff. The committee will rank the teams based on Win/Loss record, Strength of Schedule, Head-to-Head Matchups, and Whether the Team was a Conference Champion.

“The access for conferences throughout the FBS is going to be better in this system than the current system, That’s an important part of this. But you have to play your way in. That’s a plus.” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford.

I have always been a fan of a possible 8 team Playoff but a 4 team Playoff is better than the flawed BCS Structure. This could also mean the end of being tortured watching the Big East Champion in a big Bowl Game. This is a big day for College Football fans.

LT Considered Broncos Before Retiring

LaDainian Tomlinson retired after signing a one day contract with the San Diego Chargers on Monday. LT said he only considered signing with one team before deciding to retire.

The Chargers rival, the Denver Broncos.

“The only team I really gave a thought to was the Broncos, because of Peyton Manning,” Tomlinson told the Union-Tribune. “We talked. Tom talked with them … It made me pause a little and think, ‘Was this what I really want to do?’ &

“I said, ‘They got Peyton, they have a good defense already; they went deep in the playoffs with Tim Tebow, what are they going to do with Peyton?’ I seriously thought about it.”

LT just couldnt see himself playing for a rival of the team he really wanted to win a ring for.

“(Winning a Super Bowl) was the only reason I considered Denver,” Tomlinson told the Union-Tribune. “At the same time, I thought, ‘How much is a Super Bowl ring really going to do for you at this point?’ Because it’s not with the team I really wanted to do it with.”

“If we would have won the Super Bowl after nine years,” Tomlinson told the Union-Tribune, “I would have retired a Charger. Then I wouldn’t even have gone to New York.”

Tomlinson who will be a future Hall of Famer rushed for 13,684 yards, Scored 162 Touchdowns with 145 Rushing Touchdowns. He ranks 5th All Time in Rushing.

As a Broncos fan I have never been much of a fan of Tomlinson but that is due to him wearing a Chargers uniform for so long. None the less he was a great player and would have been a nice compliment to Willis McGahee in Denver.

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T-Sizzle Tears Achilles

Baltimore Ravens All-Pro Linebacker Terrell Suggs tore his achilles tendon in Arizona during a conditioning drill. Suggs will have surgery to repair the tendon next week.

The injury takes 4-6 months to heal. Players usually don’t make it back to the field for 11 months from this type of injury. At 30 years old and being a pass rusher you have to wonder how this affects Suggs in the future.

Suggs was shocked about reports that he would miss the season and vows to return this season.

“That’s just going to make it so much sweeter when I run out of that tunnel and prove everyone wrong,”

With rookie Linebacker Courtney Upshaw replacing Jarrett Johnson opposite Suggs the Ravens now must replace a second Linebacker. Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle, and Michael McAdoo are likely replacements. This looks like it could be a chance for Sergio Kindle to prove he wasn’t a bust.

In the past two season only four players have more sacks than Suggs 25. DeMarcus Ware, Jared Allen, Jason Babin, and Tamba Hali.

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