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Quarterback Rankings

Pretty much all the Quarterbacks Rankings I have seen so far this year have had the Top 5 QB’s the same but in slightly different order. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Stafford. A few even have Michael Vick in there.

I like Tom Brady as my #1 QB and not just because he is my Keeper League QB. Brady will play against the weakest schedule in the NFL this season. With Brandon Lloyd now in New England I expect some MVP like numbers.

One of the biggest keys to a draft can be a sleeper player. Last season in my one league I had Peyton Manning as my starting QB. As we all know he was injured. I was stuck with ben Roethlisberger as my starter. Not a bad option but he looked like complete crap in Week 1 against the Ravens. I scrambled to find a QB before my season ended before it started. That QB was Cam Newton. He threw for 4,051 Yards with 21 TD and 17 INT. He also ran for 706 Yards with 14 TD. Not bad for a rookie waiver wire pickup.

So who could be this year’s big sleeper? I like Kevin Kolb for the Arizona Cradinals. He struggled last year. In 9 games he threw for 1,955 yards and 9 TD with 8 INT. Not good at all. The Cardinals added Michael Floyd in the draft. That takes alot of pressure off Larry Fitzgerald. Another guy I like is 49ers Alex Smith. The Niners added Mario Manningham and Randy Moss in the offseason. Along with Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Frank Gore you have to like Smith’s weapons.

So lets take a look at my Top 25 2012 Quarterback Rankings.

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Cam Newton

4. Drew Brees

5. Matthew Stafford

6. Michael Vick

7. Eli Manning

8. Phillip Rivers

9. Peyton Manning

10. Tony Romo

11. Ben Roethlisberger

12. Matt Ryan

13. Matt Schaub

14. Jay Cutler

15. Andy Dalton

16. Josh Freeman

17. Robert Griffin III

18. Joe Flacco

19. Alex Smith

20. Ryan Fitzpatrick

21. Matt Flynn

22. Sam Bradford

23. Matt Cassell

24. Kevin Kolb

25. Andrew Luck