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Rivera Carted Off Field

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was carted off the field during batting practice after running into the wall fielding a fly ball. Rivera could not walk under his own power and was helped by manager Joe Girardi and a trainer.

One eye witness commeneted on the injury.

“It looked like the Derrick Rose play,”

Chicago Bulls star player tore his ACL during the playoffs. Lets hope it isnt severe. Losing the greatest closer in baseball history would be huge.

The Yankees website reported that Rivera’s knee buckled before hitting the wall leading to the belief he could have a serious knee injury. Rafael Soriano or David Robertson are likely to handle the closer duties while Mo is out.

To follow up on the original blog it is being reported that Rivera has a Torn ACL and will likely be done for the season. This also likely means the end to a great career and future Hall of Famer. As a Yankee fan I wanna say Thank You to Mo for all the great things he has done for the Yankees.

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Jackie Robinson Day: Yankees vs Angels

On this day we salute a true legend in the sports world by honoring Jackie Robinson. When I think about what this day means to me I look at some of the players I idolized growing up. Players like Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Robinson Cano.

Tonight my favorite team the New York Yankees (4-4) will take center stage on Sunday Night Baseball as they take on the L.A. Angels (3-5) on Jackie Robinson Day. Both teams have not been as good as expected early on but it’s a long season.

If you would walk into the Yankees locker room at Curtis Granderson’s locker you would see a figurine of jackie Robinson stealing home in 1955 against the Yankees.

The Yankees got some good news when Andy Pettitte made another start in the minors. Pettitte pitched 4 scorless innings for Class A Tampa giving up only 2 hits. He should make his debut for the Yankees in May.

The Yankees will also make a change to the lineup tonight moving Cano to the cleanup spot. Here’s a look at both teams lineup for tonights game.

L.A. Angels

SS Erick Aybar

2B Howie Kendrick

1B Albert Pujols

CF Torii Hunter

RF Vernon Wells

LF Bobby Abreu

DH Mark Trumbo

3B Cesar Izturis

C Chris Ianetta

P Jerome Williams

New York Yankees

SS Derek Jeter

CF Curtis Granderson

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

1B Mark Teixeira

RF Nick Swisher

DH Raul Ibanez

C Russell Martin

LF Brett Gardner

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Ozzie Guillen Gets 5 Game Suspension

Ozzie Guillen To Apologize

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is scheduled to speak during a press conference in Miami during the Marlins off day where he will apologize for comments he made regarding Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

Guillen told Time Magazine he respects Castro for staying in power so long.

“I want to get the thing over with. I told the Marlins I want to fly [back] as soon as I can, and tomorrow’s a day off,” Guillen said. “I don’t want to in Philadelphia. I want to be in Miami and clear everything up.”

Now if you read what he said it does not say he supports the way Castro treated Cubans. This is where people are making a big deal out of Ozzie just being Ozzie.

Alexei Ramirez who played for Guillen is Chicago for 4 seasons and is a native of Cuba commented on Guillen apologizing.

“I think apologizing is a good first step,” Ramirez said through a team translator. “I feel everyone has their opinion, but I also feel people should be forgiven. Hopefully it will be accepted.”

I don’t think for a minute that Ozzie meant to offend the people living in this country that are from Cuba. He said he felt sick and hasnt slept for 3 days since reading his comments. So stop making him out to be a horrible human being.

“Like I said, I feel sad and a couple days, I feel sick to my stomach, not because of what I did. Just because I know I hurt a lot of people.”

“The saddest part of this was to apologize to [the Marlins’ Spanish-language broadcasters] Felo Ramirez and Yiki [Quintana]. That was hard. And I did it, face to face. I just talked to [pitcher Jose] Contreras a couple of minutes ago. And Jose was laughing, kinda like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ But every Cuban-born and Cuban-born family that I know — they know who I am.”

The bottom line is that in the United States of America there is something called Free Speech. It doesn’t matter that there are Cuban-Americans who may be offended by these comments. Ozzie has the right to speak freely. If we decide to limit what a person then what do we do when millions of people speak against our president Barack Obama? That’s something that happens everyday and its swept under the rug like it does not matter. How is this any different. Because there’s Cubans in Miami? Give me a freaking break. A few offended people does not change what the constitution says.

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