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Glory Buys It’s Showtime Kickboxing

GLORY SPORTS INTERNATIONAL (GSI), the owner and rights holder of the GLORY World Series championship kickboxing promotion and other related businesses, has agreed to terms with Dutch-based competitor, ‘It’s Showtime,’ led by the renowned European fight manager and kickboxing promoter Simon Rutz.

The landmark deal will effectively place all of the world’s top kickboxers, or stand-up fighters, under the same promotional umbrella. GSI will absorb other assets from and take over management of ‘It’s Showtime.’

GLORY will soon announce a new series of events and a modernized tournament format for the rest of the year and for 2013.

Kickboxers have had the option to work for K-1 or Glory but not both. It’s Showtime was working together with K-1. With Glory purchasing It’s Showtime you can expect to see there fighters no longer fighting in K-1. This will likely mean the end of the new K-1. Several talented kickboxers were fighting at It’s Showtime 58 today. Andy Ristie, Andy Souwer, Chris Ngimbi, and Daniel Ghita all fought on the card. This is a huge deal for the Kickboxing sport. I have recently gotten into watching it and really enjoyed K-1 Rising 2012.

Here’s the Results from what could be the last It’s Showtime event.

Duoli Chen def. Vahap Ozdemir via decision
Robbie Hageman def. Mandela Antoine via decision
Marat Grigorian def. Aziz Kallah via decision
Rico Verhoeven def. Hesdy Gerges via decision
Mourad Bouzidi def. Rustemi Kreshnik via KO, Round 2
Andy Souwer def. Chris Ngimbi via decision to become the new It’s Showtime (Glory?) 70kg World Champion.
Andy Ristie def. Samir Djabba via KO, Round 1
Sonny Dagraed def. Fatih Ozkan via decision
Danyo Ilunga def. Filip Verlinden via decision to retain his It’s Showtime 95kg World Title
Hafid el Boustati def. Robin van Roosmalen via cut stoppage, Round 2
Daniel Ghita def. Dzevad Poturak via KO, Round 2
Tyrone Spong def. Peter Aerts via KO, Round 3

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Crosby Gets Extension

The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed center Sidney Crosby to a 12 year deal worth $104.4 million. The deal will average $8.7 million per year.

“This is a great day for hockey and tremendous news for the Pittsburgh Penguins and our fans, We are grateful for all that Sidney Crosby has done for our franchise since coming to Pittsburgh in 2005, both on and off the ice, and we look forward to having him in a Penguins uniform for the rest of his career.” said co-owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burke.

Crosby has dealt with concussions during the last two seasons playing in only 63 games. Crosby did not take a raise to give the Pens some money to spend when Free Agency starts July 1st. They are expected to go after New Jersey Devils Winger Zach Parise.

Crosby is the youngest captain to win a Stanley Cup at 21 years old. He is a Art Ross, Rocket Richard, and Hart Trophy Winner.

As a Penguins fan it’s great to see the Penguins lock up Crosby for the rest of his career. I’m a little concerned with his injuries but it’s all about the upside and what he is capable of doing for the Pens.

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4 Team Playoff Approved

A four team college football playoff has been approved by a presidential oversight committee. The playoff will begin starting in the 2014 season.

The semi-final games will alternate between 6 bowl game sites. The games will be played on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day with the Championship Game being held on the first Monday in January that is 6 or more days after the semi-final games.

Three bowls will have contracts with the new playoff system while other bowls will have to enter into bidding for the right to host a bowl. The Champions Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Orange Bowl will have contracts. This means the Sugar and Fiesta will have to bid to host a bowl.

A selection committee will be formed to rank the teams for the right to play in the playoff. The committee will rank the teams based on Win/Loss record, Strength of Schedule, Head-to-Head Matchups, and Whether the Team was a Conference Champion.

“The access for conferences throughout the FBS is going to be better in this system than the current system, That’s an important part of this. But you have to play your way in. That’s a plus.” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford.

I have always been a fan of a possible 8 team Playoff but a 4 team Playoff is better than the flawed BCS Structure. This could also mean the end of being tortured watching the Big East Champion in a big Bowl Game. This is a big day for College Football fans.