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Bellator 53 Results

Luis Alberto Nogueria def. Zak Laird via Submission (Rd 1, 0:51)
David Rickles def. Levi Avera via Submission (Rd 2, 1:06)
Raphael Davis def. Myron Dennis via KO (Rd 2, 0:29)
AJ Matthews def. Rudy Bears via Decision
Giva Santana def. Darryl Cobb via Submission (Rd 1, 2:00)
Emanuel Brooks def. Greg Scott via TKO (Rd 2, 2:40)
Thiago Santos def. Josh Burns via Submission (Rd 1, 2:23)
Ronnie Mann def. Kenny Foster via Submission (Rd 1, 3:51)
Douglas Lima def. Chris Lozano via KO (Rd 2, 3:14)
Ben Saunders def. Luis Santos via Submission Rd 3, 1:45)

Douglas Lima will meet Ben Saunders at Bellator 56 in the Welterweight Finals. The winner will get a shot at Ben Askren for his title.

During the heavyweight fights a week ago Mike Hayes was injured against Neil Grove. If he isn’t ready to fight Thiago Santos will take his place. Santos had Visa trouble and was originally scheduled to fight in the tournament.

UFC 136 Post-Fight Press Conference


UFC 136 Live Blog

Mike Massenzio def. Steve Cantwell via Decision
Aaron Simpson def. Eric Schafer via Decision
Darren Elkins def. Tiequan Zhang via Decision
Stipe Miocic def. Joey Beltran via Decision
Anthony Pettis def. Jeremy Stephens via Decision
Demian Maia def. Jorge Santiago via Decision
Melvin Guillard (46-9-3) vs Joe Lauzon (19-6)
By far my favorite fighter to watch is Guiillard. Following a flying knee from Guillard Lauzon hurt Guillard with a punch and got his back and got the submission with a rear naked choke. Huge upset by J-Lau. Guillard blows a chance at the belt in his next fight. Firt fight of the night to not go to decision.
Joe Lauzon Submits Melvin Guillard in Round 1
Fans booing Rashad Evans. I like Kenny Florian but he is from Boston so I can’t cheer for him tonight. Chad Mendez (11-0) was voted as the face of Edge Shaving Gel. I voted for Phil Davis.
Leonard Garcia (19-7-1) vs Nam Phan (16-10)
I like Nam Phan in this fight. Phan said if the fight goes to decision he wants to defuse a hand grenade. Garcia is fighting in front of a home crowd tonight. I got a feeling this is gonna be a war.
The fighters start swinging quickly. Garcia landing a kick and working his jab. Isn’t fighting wild like usual. Phan teeing off on Garcia against the cage. Knocks down Garcisa with a straight punch and moves into guard.  Ref stands the fighters up. Garcia keeps working leg kick. Phan tags Garcia with a hook. Phan really being the more aggressive fighter. Garcia starting to swing wildly now. Phan pressing the action on a tired garcia and accidently pokes him in the eye. Phan ends round almost getting Garcia’s back. Phan wins that round 10-9.
Round 2. These guys just keep throwing bombs. Phan landing some nice power shots. Big body shot by Garcia. Not even 2 minutes into round and Garcia getting tired and resorts to throwing wild again. Phan tagging Garcia with ease now. Garcia looks exausted now and Phan working the body. Fighters are staying busy as Phan hits Garcia against the cage. Garcia is cut on his cheek. Garcia throwing nothing but haymakers. Phan ends round with great combo to win another round. Phan 10-9.
Final Round. Garcia has to go for broke here. Garcia pressing things and hitting some nice leg kicks and Phan just waits out flurry and lands some shots. Garcia drops Phan. Garcia swinging for the fence now as the crowd going nuts. Garcia may have emptied the tank however as he looks gassed. Both men trading shots now. Garcia shaking his head at Phan and wants to trade shots. Phan gets the takedown as the crowd voices it displeasure. Fans cheer as ref stands them up. Garcia with a swinging backfist. More leg kicks and a takedown by Garcia. Final ten seconds ends with great flurry from both fighters. Garcia wins round 10-9. Great fight.
Nam Phan wins via decision 29-28

Chael Sonnen (26-1-1) vs Brian Stann (11-3)
It’s hard to cheer against Brian Stann. He is from Scranton, Pennsylvania and is a war hero. However I have to go with Sonnen. I despise Anderson Silva and Sonnen is the guy that can beat Silva. Great to see Chael back in the cage where he belongs.
Sonnen quickly goes for takedown and fighters are against the cage in clinch. Sonnen gets a knee to the body.  Chael gets the takedown and gets side control. Looking to work the ground and pound. Chael takes Stann’s back. Sonnen now mounts Stann and defended well by Stann. Another takedown by Sonnen. Good ground and pound by Sonnen. Several bombs dropped on Stann as round drawing near a close. Dominating round by Chael with a 10-9 round.
Round 2 begins and Sonnen putting on a clinic with hois takedowns. Has half guard. Working some short punches. Sonnen mounts Stann again. About  4 minutes left yet. Stan n trying to escape from the bottom. Sonnen keeps smothering Stann and idiot ref stands them up despite them working. Stann lands big shot. Sonnen puts Stann on his shoulder and slams him. Sonnen has a deep arm triangle and Stann taps out. Sonnen could not have fought a better fight than he did. 
Chael Sonnen Submits Brian Stann via Arm Triangle in Round 2
Anderson Silva applauding the fight. Chael Sonnen tells Anderson Silva he absolutely sucks. Challenges Silva Super Bowl weekend and if Silva loses he leaves the division. If he wins Sonnen leaves the UFC.
Up next is the Featherweight Championship. Florian fighting in his 3rd title fight. Hopefulkly he don’t choke again. Florian has dangerous elbows.
UFC Featherweight Championship: Jose Aldo (19-1) vs Kenny Florian (16-5)
I’ve never seen a more dangerous striker than Jose Aldo. At 25 years old I see him as the best fighter in the world and he should prove that tonight. Florian starts things off with a head kick. Both fighters were soccer players. Aldo moving forward with some hard shots to ken-Flo. Aldo tags Florian. Florian gets takedown and Aldo scrambles to his feet. Fighters are against the cage. Florian landing takedowns and Aldo keeps scrambling back to his feet. Florian knees Aldo in the ass cheek. Aldo stuffs a takedown. Florian looks really good so far controlling this fight. Florian lands elbow at end of the round. Florian 10-9.
Aldo does not look comfortable right now. All of Florian’s takeowns have made Aldo cauious with his kicks which are his best weapon. Florian is moving to his right away from Aldo’s power right kick. Aldo landing some shots now. Solid leg kick by Florian and he can’t get the takedown to steal the nound. Very close but I give it to Aldo 10-9.
Florian’s corner think Aldo is getting tired. Aldo lands a solid jab. Nice hook by Aldo. Leg kick by Aldo and follows with a right hand. Florian is limping now. Aldo stuffs takedown and mounts Florian. Hip escape by Florian. Aldo has side control. If there was a time to stand up the fighters it would be now. Aldo just laying on Florian. Back to there feet and Aldo lands a punch as Florian gets out. Florian looking for takedown again but they clinch against cage. Aldo wins round 10-9.
Every other word from Keith Florian the cornerman for Ken-Flo was Fuck. Stiff straight right from Aldo. Florian has a single leg but Aldo escapes. Back in the clinch. Florian continues to be the aggressor in this fight. Spent most of round in clinch. Florian 10-9.
Little odd that Aldo’s corner told him he is up 3 rounds to 1. I have him down 3-1 or the fight split. Final round. Has not been a very exciting fight and fans agree as they boo. Florian slips and is on his back. Aldo landing an elbow. Aldo mounts Florian. Grappling match going on right now with Aldo controlling the fight. Aldo content with pinning Florian against the cage. Final minute. Aldo now trading and ends the fight. Aldo wins the round 10-9.
Aldo clearly won rounds 3 and 5 but the other rounds were very close. I could see the fight going either way 48-47. Rather boring fight though.
Jose Aldo wins by Decision 49-46

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones is in attendance tonight. 
UFC Lightweight Championship: Frankie Edgar (13-1-1) vs Gray Maynard (11-0-1)
These two fighters really dislike each other. I for one thought Maynard won the last fight. Edgar is wearing a belt that belongs to Maynard. Edgar says Maynard is only person at 155 who doesn’t respect him. Who can blame Maynard. he beat Edgar before and had a draw at UFC 125 yet Edgar still has belt. Maynard has not taken his eyes off Edgar.
This one is going to be one for the ages. Trilogy time. Nice combo by Edgar. A lot of feeling each other out right now. Edgar gets a nice takedown. Back to the feet though. Uppercut rocks Edgar and Maynard smells blood. Big right hand from Maynard. Drops Edgar and pounding on Edgar. Rocks Edgar with another uppercut. Edgar has a broken nose. Maynard isn’t letting up. Maynard wins that one with ease. 10-9.
If I’m Maynard I open up Edgar’s nose again quickly. Maynard looks frsh still unlike the last fight. Gray is being very patient. Not much action in this round. Just circling each other. Edgar is still bleeding from the nose. Good right hand by Edgar. No power in his punches though. Maynard stuffs a takedown by Edgar. Body shot by Frankie followed with leg kick. Round ends with Maynard not doing much. Edgar wins round 10-9.
Maynard looks like he is drawing Edgar in for that uppercut. Maynard has serious power in his punches. Maynard is stuffing the takedowns. Trade leg kicks. Fight has lost alot of steam since opening round. Edgar avoiding Maynard’s power. Stick and move right now. Looks alot like Dominick Cruz. Edgar’s round 10-9.
Maynard stuffs the takedown. Both fighters land a punch. Edgar may have landed the better of the two. Knee from Maynard. Right hand and uppercut from Edgar hurt Maynard. I’m not sure that Maynard didn’t empty his tank in the opening round. He has nothing right now.Edgar rocks Maynard with uppercut. He pounds on Maynard to finish the fight with a TKO. Wow!
Frankie Edgar winsd by TKO in Round 4
Maynard in the corner devistated over the loss. Once again he had a chance to finish Edgar and blew it.
$75,000 Bonus
Fight of the Night: Phan vs Garcia
Knockout of the Night: Frankie Edgar
Submission of the Night: Joe Lauzon

Duane Bastress Interview

Throwdown Zone: How’s training for your upcoming fight going?

Duane Bastress: Training is going extremely well for this fight! Cardio is great and our gameplan is awesome for the fight. I’ve had some great training partners and one is fighting on the card with me, Lewis The Beast Rumsey!

TZ: With you being a wrestler and your opponents good submission skills do you focus more on your standup game?

DB: As a wrestler I always focus on my stand-up. However, I feel I need to work every position that I may find myself in during a fight! I train every aspect at 100%! 

TZ: Is there a particular fighter you would like to fight in Bellator in the future?

DB: Honestly, there is no one in particular that I want to fight. I am only concentrating on Daniel Gracie, that’s the only thing that matters right now! My coaches and I will worry about our next opponent when that time comes! Plus I’ve never been into calling people out, it’s not really my style.

TZ: What got you interested in MMA?

DB: I’ve been interested in it since I watched UFC on tv with my dad. I also watched my dad go and become a black belt. However I was asked to come train with a local pro and from there got introduced to mark Jovich who started training me and getting my first couple of fights. My dad, Chad Strawbridge & Tom Fleming have helped my fight game get to where it is now! 

TZ: Any fighters you admired in MMA when you first got started?

DB: I admire George St. Pierre, Randy couture, and a few others! I would love the opportunity to train with or under those two! 

TZ: Are you a fan of the UFC?

DB: I love the UFC! The goal is to be world champ for them someday! As well as for Bellator!

TZ: What fighters do you enjoy watching fight?

DB: I love watching St. Pierre, couture, Anderson silva, Jose Aldo, Dominick cruise, Frankie Edgar, jon jones, and overall any fighter. I feel like that I can learn from anyone so I enjoy watchingthe fights and seeing what will work for me!

TZ: I love watching St. Pierre, couture, Anderson silva, Jose Aldo, Dominick cruise, Frankie Edgar, jon jones, and overall any fighter. I feel like that I can learn from anyone so I enjoy watchingthe fights and seeing what will work for m

DB: O boy, that’s a tough one to call. I wrestled at Bloomsburg while Frankie was at clarion. I love watching him fight and his footwork & technique on his feet. I will have to say that I think Frankie wins due to the fact that gray hit him with his beat shots last fight and couldn’t put him away and then Frankie fought him to a decision. That has to play on the mind of gray entering this fight! Either way it’ll be another great fight that I can’t wait to watch!

TZ: Thanks for your time and good luck with your fight.

DB: I’d like to also say thank you to my sponsors, tattoo fightwear, tap or sleep, cracked cup, jj fight cages, York college wrestling, Team Total Domination, & Fleming BJJ, as well as my family & friends!

Hector Lombard Returns November 19th

Bellator Fighting Championships Middleweight Champion Hector “Shango” Lombard returns November 19th to fight former UFC veteran Trevor Prangley. The fight will be a 195 pound non title fight at Bellator 58.

Lombard has an amazing 24 fight win streak which dates back five years. Lombard is 30-2-1 in his career and his only losses are to Gegard Mousassi and Akihiro Gono in Pride Fighting Championships. Lombard currently holds the Bellator Middleweight Championship, CFC Middleweight Championship, and Australian Fighting Championships Middleweight Championship.

Lombard is considered by many to be the most excitinbg middleweight aside from UFC Champion Anderson Silva. 19 of Lombard’s 30 wins have been finished in the first round. Lombard has expressed interest in fighting former UFC title contender Nate Marquardt. It would be great to see Bellator sign Marquardt.

Prangley is 23-8-1 in his career but is 1-3-1 in his last five fights. He holds victories over Chael Sonnen and Keith Jardine.

Lombard released a statement through Bellator on his upcoming fight.

“I just want November to get here and knock someone out. It doesn’t matter who it is. I just want to do what I do, and that’s win. I don’t know much about Trevor but it doesn’t matter. I’ll be in front of my fans in Florida, and it’s going to be a show.”

UFC 136 – The Great Debate

UFC Live 6: Cruz vs Johnson Results

Walel Watson def. Joseph Sandoval via TKO (Rd 1, 1:17)
Josh Neer def. Keith Wisnieski via Doctor Stoppage (Rd 2, 5:00)
TJ Grant def. Shane Roller via Armbar (Rd 3, 2:12)
Mike Easton def. Byron Bloodworth via TKO (Rd 2, 4:52)
Paul Sass def. Michael Johnson via Heel Hook (Rd 1, 3:00)
Yves Edwards def. Rafaello Oliviera via TKO (Rd 2, 2:44)
Matt Wiman def. Mac Danzig via Decision
Anthony Johnson def. Charlie Brenneman via Headkick (Rd 1, 2:49)
Stefan Struve def. Pat Barry via Triangle Choke (Rd 2, 3:22)
Dominick Cruz def. Demetrius Johnson via Decision