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UFC Live: Cruz vs Johnson

Matt Wiman (13-6) vs Mac Danzig (20-8-1)
These two fighters fought at UFC 115 when Wiman won a very controversial submission victory when referee Yves Lavigne thought Danzig passed out while in a choke. Danzig was defending himself so the UFC tried booking a rematch. Injuries delayed this but now we get to see the shit hit the fan. I think this will be a solid fight that should be close. I like Wiman to win by decision.

Anthony Johnson (12-3) vs Charlie Brenneman (14-2)
Brenneman could be in trouble if he stands with “Rumble” who put a bad beatdown on Dan Hardy in March. I think Brenneman knows that and will get the fight to the ground. He has a big advantage on the ground and should cruise to a decision victory. This should continue to move him up the Welterweight Power Rankings.

Pat Barry (18-6-1) vs Stefan Struve (21-5)
I have always liked Stefan Struve but he just never seems to put things together. ZHe is 6’11” and his reach could be a big advantage from staying away from Barry’s power. The ground is where he will finish this fight though. Since 2009 Struve has 3 losses. They came against undefeated Travis Browne, Roy Nelson, and Junior dos Santos. Nothiong to be ashamed of there. He still needs that defining win to make people take notice. Also important to note he is only 23 years old so he has a huge career ahead of him. Struve will submit Barry and look towards a bigger fight in the future.

UFC Bantamweight Championship: Dominick Cruz (18-1) vs Demetrius Johnson (10-1)
I am really looking forward to this fight. Cruz defeated Urijah Faber in his last fight to avenge his only defeat. Johnson is coming off big wins over Kid Yamamoto and Miguel Torres. Cruz is very quick and likes to go to the cards after out striking his opponent. Johnson has the speed to keep up with Cruz but the experience Cruz has will lead to another victory by decision.

Triple H Says UFC Is Boring

WWE Chief Operating Officer and former champion Triple H recently made some comments about the UFC. Triple H was asked if the WWE or UFC need to evolve.

I don’t think we have to evolve. It’s two totally different things. I think now especially there’s this thing like, “oh it’s very similar.”
I don’t see us needing to evolve to what UFC does because quite frankly sometimes the fights are long and boring, guys lying around and sometimes the fights are fast and over in five seconds. I’ve always thought one of the things about us, if you look at us solely from a sports standpoint, is that we always give you a good show. We’re never going to give you a crap game.
I think if anybody needs to evolve, it’s them. Give more of an entertainment standpoint. Give more form; they just have fighters who walk in in T-shirts and shorts and just stand there and then they fight and then they win and then they go “thanks, I’d like to thank my sponsors” and then they leave. The whole world was up in arms when Brock was flipping people off and was cussing at the beer company because they didn’t give him any money and everyone thought, “oh my god, he’s disrespectful,” — the whole world was talking about it. They couldn’t wait to see him get beat up. And then he did well, and he beat some guys and then people jump on his bandwagon going “Brock’s the greatest.” I’m good friends with Floyd Mayweather and Floyd would be the first to tell ya, “I make the most money in boxing and I have the biggest buyers because I have the biggest mouth.” He’d be the first guy to tell you that. That’s what it’s about. Sports is entertainment.

Dana White later responded to Triple H’s comments by saying.

“Vince McMahon is finally letting HHH talk, and HHH will learn soon not to say stupid things.”

Now I am a former fan of wrestling and the reason for being a former fan is wrestling got boring. WWE sells fights because they have to. Without the wrestlers giving people something to watch all they have is something that is just fake. UFC is not fake so they don’t need to sell the fight. There is no pre-determined outcome. The UFC fighters are real. They dont pretend to dislike someone like fake wrestlers.

Rampage Doesn’t See Jones Losing

Following Rampage Jackson’s loss to UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones at UFC 135 Jackson said he didn’t see anybody beating Jones.

“I’m not going to be a sore loser,” said Jackson at the post-fight press conference. “I thought I’d be really mad if I lost, especially after Jones did what he said he was going to do and finished me. I gained a lot of respect for Jones. I thought he was hype, but he’s good. He fought me and did some great stuff. I don’t see anybody beating Jones.”

“I was very confident going into the bout,” said Jackson. “A couple of times, I got a little desperate. I was a little disappointed because I wasn’t sticking to my game plan and was kind of frustrating myself. His reach and presence were really hard to deal with. I had guys in training who were taller than Jones, but I guess it’s different between sparring and a real fight.”

Jackson doesn’t believe anyone in the weight class can beat Jones. He did however say who may have a chance to beat Jones.

“I think Rashad [Evans] is the only one who has a chance to beat him,” said Jackson. “Evans trained with him and so he knows, but I don’t see anybody beating Jones, straight up. I take my hat off to him.”

Jackson did say he would like to fight Shogun Rua although Shogun is fighting Dan Henderson at UFC 139. Jackson would like to fight in Japan and avenge his Pride Grand Prix loss in 2005.

“It would be very special [to rematch Rua in Japan]. I have a lot of respect for Shogun,” said Jackson. “I didn’t know he was fighting Henderson, but it would be a dream come true.”

UFC 135 Results

James Te Huna def. Ricardo Romero via KO (Rd 1 0:47)
Takeya Mizugaki def. Cole Escovedo via TKO (Rd 2 4:30)
Junior Assuncao def. Eddie Yagin via Decision
Tim Boetesch def. Nick Ring via Decision

Tony Ferguson def. Aaron Riley via TKO – Jaw Injury (Rd 1 5:00)

Nate Diaz def. Takanori Gomi via Submission (Rd 1 4:27)

Travis Browne def. Rob Broughton via Decision

Mark Hunt def. Ben Rothwell via Decision

Josh Koscheck def. Matt Hughes via KO (Rd 1 4:59)

Jon Jones def. Rampage Jackson via Submission (Rd 4 1:14)

UFC 135: Jones vs Rampage Weigh In

Main CardJon Jones (204.5) vs. Quinton Jackson (204)
Matt Hughes (170) vs. Josh Koscheck (170.5)
Ben Rothwell (263) vs. Mark Hunt (261)
Travis Browne (255) vs. Rob Broughton (261)
Nate Diaz (156) vs. Takanori Gomi (155)

Preliminary Card
Tony Ferguson (155) vs. Aaron Riley (155)
Nick Ring (185) vs. Tim Boetsch (186)
Junior Assunção (145) vs. Eddie Yagin (145)
Takeya Mizugaki (135) vs. Cole Escovedo (135)
James Te Huna (205) vs. Ricardo Romero (205)

Dream 17 Results

Shinya Aoki def. Rob McCullough via submission (neck crank) Rd 1 4:57
Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Joachim Hansen via submission (arm-triangle choke), Rd 3 2:30
Takeshi Inoue def. Caol Uno via KO (head kick) – Rd 1 4:17
Yan Cabral def. Kazushi Sakuraba via submission (arm-triangle choke) – Rd 1 2:42
Satoru Kitaoka def. Willamy Freire via Split Decision
Gerald Harris def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via Split Decision
Ikuhisa Minowa def. Baru Harn via submission (scarf-hold armbar) – Rd 1 4:39

Bantamweight World GP Quarterfinal Bouts
Antonio Banuelos def. Hideo Tokoro via Split Decision
Bibiano Fernandes def. Takafumi Otuska via submission (rear-naked choke) – Rd 1 0:41
Masakazu Imanari def. Abel Cullum via submission (armbar) – Rd 3 0:46
Rodolfo Marques def. Yusup Saadulaev via Unanimous Decision

Titan FC 20 ~ Live Blog

Live from Kansas City Titan Fighting Championships features Brett Rogers vs Eddie Sanchez and the Main Event Jamie Varner vs Dakota Cochrane. Let’s get to our first bout of the night.

Laramie Shaffer (4-2-1) vs Andrew Whitney (4-1-0)

Round 1
First fight of the night is a 145 pound fight. Whitney is the favorite according to the Vegas Odds. Shaffer is a All American wrestler. The fight quickly goes to clinch against the cage. Whitney tags him with a nice hook and follows nit with a head kick. Shaffer looking to wrestle. He is hurt. Both fighters exchange some blows. Whitney is a former Golden Gloves boxer. Shaffer takes fight to the ground and has half guard. He is looking to ground and pound. Nice elbows from Shaffer. Whitney looked great early but is now being manhandled by Shaffer on the ground. Shaffer landing some monstrous left hands  Continues to pound Whitney as the round ends.

Score: Shaffer 10-9

Round 2
Whitney gets a nice double arm take down. May have surprised Shaffer since Whitney has no wrestling background. Whitney is in half guard and has Shaffer’s back but Shaffer scrambles and is on top with north south position. I’m very impressed with Shaffer’s wrestling. He works the ground and pound again and may get Whitney’s back again. Lands rights, lefts, and elbows from the top. Whitney makes it back to his feet and pushes forward with aggression. Has guillotine in but it isn’t tight yet. Shaffer gains position on the ground again. Hammer fists from Laramie Shaffer. Whitney lands a reverse elbow. Round ends.

Score: Shaffer 10-9

Round 3
Shaffer looks to have a 20-18 lead heading into the final round. Shaffer misses with big hook Out of no where Whitney goes for broke and hits Shaffer with a flying knee for the knockout. What a finish! Shaffer is still down on the canvas as Whitney celebrates his win.

Winner by Knockout 21 seconds into 3rd round Andrew Whitney (5-1).

Justin Riley (3-2-0) vs Alex Huddleston (1-0-0)

Round 1
Next fight is in the heavyweight division. Huddleston is 6’7″ and is fighting in only his second fight. Very good sportsmanship from the fighters. Doubt we will see that in UFC 2135 main event. Riley swinging wildly and gets hit and pushed against the cage by Huddleston. Riley works knees but dropped with an uppercut as he gets in Riley’s guard. Riley is out of guard and lands some shots.Riley is swinging wildly and missing but you have to like the pace he is setting. Uppercuts are being landed with ease by Huddleston and he pounds on Riley some more as he goes to full mount. He is looking for an arm bar. Riley is out and gets side control with some hammer fists. Huddleston has Kimura but can’t get it locked in. Riley very sloppy from full mount. Riley lands elbow as round ends.

Score: Huddleston 10-9

Round 2
Close round but Riley comes out swinging and really tags Huddleston. He has side control. Riley now landing some nice shots. Could keep full mount after gaining position. Fighters are scrambling on ground. Riley is much more aggressive fighter but may be getting tired. Vicious elbows from Riley. Huddleston is cut under the eye. Hammer fists from Riley. Riley is controlling the fight as Huddleston gives up his back and is now mounted. Hammer fists and elbows to the temple of Huddleston. He is being pummeled. He isn’t defending himself while Riley lands elbows and punches. Referee stops the fight.

Winner by TKO Justin “With The Y” Riley (4-2-0)

Sean Wilson (30-15-0) vs James Krause (13-4-0)

Round 1
Krause has a 7 inch reach advantage but will have to look out for Wilson’s deadly submissions. Wilson is on a 4 fight win streak. Bells rings as Krause looking to jab. Misses with a wild kick.Wilson pushes him against the cage but nothing happening so far. Front kick landed by Krause but no real damage done.Wilson went for take down but ends up on bottom after failed choke. Krause has a guillotine. It’s deep and the fight is over.

Winner by Submission via Guillotine Choke James Krause (14-4-0)

Promo on Brett Rogers is airing. He was a tire changer at Sam’s Club. He was 10-0 and knocked out Andrei Arlovski but suffered 3 straight fights. In June he was arrested for domestic dispute. Him and his wife deny any violence. I’ve always been a fan of Rogers. He needs to evolve as a fighter though. I doubt Eddie Sanchez stands and bangs with him.

Shane Hutchinson (4-10-0) vs Anthony Gutierrez (3-0-0)

Round 1
145 pound bout up next. Hutchinsoin has never fought in a fight longer than 2:36 of first round. He looks like a real scrub. Bell rings and we are under way. Announcers say Hutchinson wants to stop fight with a Perubian Necktie. Good luck. I wonder if the bum even knows how to do it. Gutierrez looks to be going for guillotine. He spins and has a choke. The fight is over.

Winner by Tapout via Guillotine Choke Anthony “Shark Bait” Gutierrez (4-0-0)

I have to say I think an old lady could have beat Hutchinson. Up next is Brett Roger fight. Promo on Jamie Varner is airing. Varner is attending medical school at Seton Hall. So far the fight have been pretty solid despite lacking star power.

Brett Rogers has called Eddie Sanchez a stepping stone to the UFC. Rogers has a 80% knockout ratio. Heavy hands but no ground game whats so ever. Bad news against a great wrestler like Sanchez

Eddie Sanchez (12-5) vs Brett Rogers (11-4-0)

Round 1
I like Rogers in this fight. He has an 81.5″ reach.  Rogers came out to Kanye West and Jay-Z H.A.M. for his entrance. Rogers has won 1 of his last 5 fights. He has fought 4 Top 10 Heavyweights. Rogers looked focused. Feeling each other out with occasional kick. Rogers bullies Sanchez against the cage. Lands a few punches. Backs off now and wants to stand with Sanchez. Rogers punches have bad intentions written all over them. Against the cage again. Uses a foot stomp. he looks to be in great shape for this fight. Sanchez throws a few punches but eats a big shot for his effort. Rogers getting aggressive and has Sanchez against cage again. Both fighters swing on the break. Sanchez showing some good kicks. Knees by Rogers and back against the cage. Round is over. Not many saw this going past the first round.

Score: Brett Rogers 10-9

Round 2
Fight goes against the cage again. Been the story of the fight so far. Sanchez lands some shots but no damage is done. Sanchez just looks awful. You can see he is frustrated. He gets the fight to the ground and this could be trouble for Rogers. Rogers wrapping up Sanchez and scrambles out and gets on his feet again. Not bad for a guy Frank Trigg said is a 1 rating on ground. Sanchez firing off leg kicks. Landing with ease. More kicks from Sanchez as he wins the round.

Score: Sanchez 10-9

Round 3
Final round is under way. Rogers swinging for the fences with jabs and hay makers. Sanchez continues with the leg kicks. Rogers with a tie up for what reason I don’t know. He has to get busy or he will lose this fight. Sanchez bleeding bad from his leg. More kicks from Sanchez. Knees from Rogers. Back against the cage. Been a rather boring fight. Two minutes left. Knee to the ribs of Rogers. Announcers begging for Rogers to work. Rogers moves forward and gets tagged. Rogers with a take down and pounds on Sanchez. Looking for mount as the fight ends. May have won fight for Rogers.

Score: Sanchez 10-9

Winner via Split Decision (30-27 Sanchez, 29-28 Rogers, 30-27 Sanchez)

Not sure how the hell a judge can score all three rounds for Sanchez. Leg kicks are what won him the fight. It’s time for the Main Event. Former WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner is in action.

Dakota Cochrane (10-1-0) vs Jamie Varner (17-6-1)

Round 1
I’m a big fan of Varner. Has win over UFC Fighter Donald Cerrone. Cochrane said he doesn’t watch film on his opponents. This fight will decide if Varner continues to fight full time. He said if he can’t win he doesn’t deserve to fight. Could be a great chance for Cochrane to get his name out there. Cochrane starts it off with a right hand and very nice front kick. Varner is on the move.Cochrane landing kicks and pounces with some strikes against the cage. Varner looks very uncomfortable. Nice hook by Varner. Cochrane is really landing the front kick. Varner low blowed. Great round by Cochrane so far. Knees by both fighters. Varner has under hooks and is working to get the take down. Picks up Cochrane and gets takedown. Cochrane up quickly though.  Fight is back to the ground. Varner has full mount and he is laying the hammer down. Time runs out though. That mount won Varner the round. Gave him control along with the take downs.

Score: Varner 10-9

Round 2
Frank Trigg scored the round for Varner. Cochrane drops Varner with a front kick. Has control with a choke but fight is back to feet. Varner looking for double. Varner looks tired as his take down attempts are looking lazy. Hammer fists by Cochrane.Body shots and head kick from Cochrane. Varner wrestling with Cochrane now. Varner has Cochrane’s back and looking for choke. Cochrane ends up on top. Elbows landing from Cochrane. Escapes kneebar with spinning hammer fist. Varner is tagged with a sharp jab. Jumping knee misses from Cochrane. Round ends with Cochrane taking that one. Varner is tired.

Score: Cochrane 10-9

Round 3
Final round of the main event. Missed front kicks from Cochrane. Varner needs to do something. He is losing this fight. Head kick right to the teeth to Varner. Take down by Varner as he looks to pass guard and succeeds. Varner ground and pounding. Nearly mounts Cochrane. Scrambling and Cochrane is on top now. What a fight. Varner almost has choke in. Varner’s lip is cut after elbow strike. Another elbow as Varner is beat up. He is gassed. Varner jumps and almost has Triangle. Cochrane gets on top and time runs out. Fight of the night hands down.

Score: Cochrane: 10-9

Winner by Decision Dakota Cochrane (11-1-0)

Varner looked like a beaten and battered fighter in his corner with his eyes shut and bleeding from lip, eye, and ear. Cochrane said he won’t fight Alonzo Martinez since they are teammates. One thing I despise about MMA. Grow a set and man up. Forget the being on the same team bullshit.

Good fight on HDNet comes to a close. Be sure to check back here tommorow night during UFC 135.

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